Rates & Policies


I decided not to contract with insurance companies because they would restrict the way I wish to deliver services. The fee schedule creates a self-insured group: patients doing well have higher fees and come less frequently; patients in need of more intensive care pay less per session. It is my standard that patients “re-intensify” for a month if there is relapse or other untoward setbacks.

I will provide the documentation necessary to submit to your insurance company. Fees are collected at the time of the appointment.  No-shows or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance may be billed the full fee. 

Service prices are tiered according to the frequency of appointments. I do not want that patients self-ration treatment when requiring a more intensive level of care.

Initial Assessment: $450.00

Level 1 outpatient follow up: $150.00 for patients seen weekly

Level 2 outpatient follow up: $200.00 for patients seen twice a month

Level 3 outpatient follow up: $250.00 for patients seen monthly

Level 4 outpatient follow up: $300.00 for patients seen every two months

Telemedicine appointments are available at the same rates

Follow up appointments: 30 minutes

Initial and Follow up appointments additional time: 30 minutes / $150.00

EMDR Initial Session (90 minutes): $300.00

CBT / EMDR Treatment Sessions (50 minutes): $250.00

Esketamine initial session (120 minutes): $400.00

Esketamine treatment sessions (120 minutes): $350.00

Please download the agreement below for more information:

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