I aim to provide the kind of treatment I wish for my family and loved ones. This includes open collaboration, access and the integration of different treatment options.

Access to treatment is essential.  In light of the COVID-19, treatment is offered by telemedicine. Depending on the circumstances, initial or more emergent appointments will be made within the week.  Initial weekly appointments may be recommended until improvement is clear, depending on the severity of the symptoms.  

Collateral information from family or loved ones is essential to treatment for information, coordination and safety. Consider who you would like involved in your care.

If you are unsafe or unstable due to a psychiatric condition, please use common sense.  In these situations, you may require a higher level of care.  In the case of serious psychiatric instability that puts you or others at risk, go to the local emergency room.  Taking care of a relapse is proactive and can get you back on track.  

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