“I met Dr. Negro as a fourth-year psychiatry resident, looking for an opportunity to moonlight, and I have never expected the experience I had. Despite having an experience in addiction medicine during residency training, the exposure and teaching I had under Dr. Negro’s supervision were really beyond my expectations. He has always been responsive to any question or concern, and he regularly met with the medical staff for the latest updates and discussions. He has been a role model in the way he talks and interacts with patients and staff, and he always shared with us the most recent and relevant articles to our practice, which refined our skills tremendously. His knowledge and professional attitude have impacted everyone who interacted with him. Dr. Negro is a great mentor and psychiatrist that one can rarely encounter in an entire lifetime”.

“I worked alongside Dr. Negro as a therapist for 6 years and I can’t say enough about his professionalism, his ability to teach colleagues, and his kindness towards patients and their families. There was never a time that I made a call morning, noon, or night, that Dr. Negro did not answer his phone and was willing to help. I was always impressed by his ability to review cases with open mindedness and a creativity to view psychopharmacology as a way to stabilize patients with comorbidities that struggle to achieve sobriety in a way that other physicians were unwilling to treat a patient as a whole person. He was able to guide both clinical and medical staff in an approachable way that enhances the continuum of care by working as part of a multidisciplinary team. At the same token he is very client centered and will meet clients where they are. Finally, his leadership in the Medication assisted treatment niche was bar-none some of the best in this area. Patients were able to feel well enough to begin the process of therapy to enable change. It was a true pleasure working beside him.”

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